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Green route of Tarazonica

What to see?

The vías verdes (green routes) are paths along old railway lines and provide a different way of seeing, feeling and enjoying the landscape and culture of a region. The 'Vía Verde del Tarazonica', ideal for both walkers and cyclists, starts in the monumental city of Tudela (south of Navarre) and runs for 22 kilometres through gentle and pleasant landscape.

The route takes us through the market gardens along the banks of the river Ebro as far as imposing Mount Moncayo in Aragon. This mountain's 2,315-metre-high peak overlooks the plain of the Ebro and watches as we approach the interesting town of Tarazona at the end of the route.
In La Ribera, in the south of Navarre, the Vía Verde del Tarazonica runs along the old railway line that used to link Tudela (Navarre) with Tarazona (Aragon). The route, which is quite gentle, has a good surface and is well signposted for both walkers and cyclists. Along the route you can enjoy a gently rolling landscape running through the area of the river Queiles, cereal fields and the foothills of Mount Moncayo.

In 1885 a narrow-gauge train started a service between Tudela and Tarazona. It was so slow it earned itself the nickname of "Escachamatas" (bush breaker) In 1953 the gauge was widened to provide a better service but the line finally closed in 1972 after a few years of poor results.

  • Tudela - Murchante (Km. 0 - km. 6.1)

The route starts in the railway station of Tudela. Just before leaving the city it crosses a square where there is a fine steam locomotive on display. In the initial section of the route you will soon come into contact with the landscape of market gardens that fill the valleys of the rivers Queiles and Ebro.

At kilometre point 3.3 a track appears; this was the route followed by the Tarazonica when it was a narrow-gauge railway. There is a small rest area here and a curious monument (the "Escachamatas") made from discarded railway equipment. After going over the new footbridge over the road to Ablitas, the route crosses the Canal de Lodosa. On the other side, there is a long straight that gives a good view of majestic Mount Moncayo. After passing under the motorway, the route takes you to the old station of Murchante, an ideal place for a rest.

  • Murchante - Cascante (Km. 6.1 - km. 10).

At kilometre 7 the route passes through the ruins of the ancient settlement of Urzante. Soon after (from kilometre 8) there is a gentle ascent to Cascante, an old Roman settlement presided over by the chapel of the Virgen del Romero. There is also a rest area here in the old railway station.

  • Cascante - Tulebras (Km. 9.8 - km. 11.9)

The Vía Verde continues on towards Tulebras. In this short section almond trees and market gardens accompany the traveller to the monastery of Tulebras (13th-14th century), the first Cistercian convent in Spain. After a visit to the convent, enjoy the recreation area on the banks of the river Queiles.

  • Tulebras - Novillas - Malón (Km. 9.8 - km. 15)

In this section the landscape gets a bit steeper. The path reaches a point from where you can see the caserío of Malón and it ends in the old castle, a watchtower over the plain of the Queiles. We are now in Aragon. There are two stations in Malón, one narrow-gauge and the other wide-gauge; a family still lives in the second, and there are some old railway instruments conserved there.

  • Malón - Vierlas - Tarazona (Km. 15 - km. 22)

The route now follows steeper sections. Just before kilometre 16 you will find a grove with a rest area. The last stage of the route runs through a landscape of fruit trees, full of blossom in spring. The next (and last) stop is Tarazona, a town with an interesting artistic heritage.


  • Tudela
  • Murchante
  • Cascante
  • Tulebras
  • Novallas
  • Malón
  • Vierlas
  • Tarazona

How to get there?

Conda operates a line between Tudela and Tarazona.

From Tudela:

  • San Sebastián
  • Pamplona
  • Zaragoza
  • Barcelona
  • Soria
  • Madrid

From Tarazona:

  • Madrid

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